Hiplife Is The Sound To Ghana’s Success In The Market – Kweku Darlington

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The bane of finding the sound to challenge the global rise of afrobeats and the rise of other music genres on the global market scene has consciously created serious industrial conversations and debate amongst musicians, gatekeepers, music lovers and other stakeholders.

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Emmanuel Kweku Owusu Darlington, trading with Showbiz name Kweku Darlington has quota to the ongoing conversation saying the success of Ghana’s music in the market is dependent on hiplife.

In a Facebook post, the ‘Sika Aba Fie’ hitmaker wrote, “We’ve been seeking for answers to Ghana’s success in the market!!! ‼️HIPLIFE IS THE SOUND 💿”This post comes off just months after the GRAMMY’s recent grouping of some of africa’s genres into a broader category named the Best African Music Performance.[add Facebook link ]

With the mother genre, hiplife excluded from the list and a new tag of ‘ghanaian drill’ added to the list, Kweku Darlington believes hiplife has proven to be the catalyst for ghanaian music dominance and success.His comments would come off a surprise to many who haven’t paid close attention to him but putting his catalogue under close lenses proves the young ghanaian musician since his breakthrough has projected hiplife music in every possible way.

From his song Onipa ft Okyeame Kwame, Sika Aba Fie Remix, Aketesia and other songs Kweku Darlington has drawn a template off appreciating the authentic ghanaian hiplife sound and believes it’s the stimulus for his widespread growth in the industry.His new single Happy Day is however available in the link below

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